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Stainless Steel Gas Springs

  • Stainless Steel Gas Spring
Stainless Steel Gas Spring

Stainless Steel Gas Spring

  • Model : H008
  • Original Place: Hebei
  • Color:black/yellow/white
  • Supply Ability: 8000 Pcs/Day
  • Product description:

Compression dampers provide speed and motion control in the compression direction of operation and provide minimal resistance “free in extension” in the extension direction.

Compression dampers are most commonly used within lids, doors, covers, or any other objects where controlling the speed is required when the moving in the extension direction. Compression dampers will provide speed control when there is no external hand forces applied in the compression motion. When hand force is required to extend the damper it will extend without resistance “free movement”. For example, dampers can be deployed for slam prevention and speed control in the lowering of a hospital bed side rail system or to slow the opening of a maintenance cover on an ATM, electronic gaming machine, or other electronic consoles.

Damper Design

  • Industrial Gas Springs stocks several size dampers in light damping, heavy damping, extension and compression. We can also design and manufacture dampers to our customers’ specific application requirements. Our standard stock dampers:
  • Stroke lengths from 2” to 8” of stroke
  • Extended lengths from 7.5” to 20”
  • Load capacity from 10 to 150 lbs.
  • Light damping (20lb force. Average 1.0 seconds per 1 inch of travel) or heavy damping (20lb force. Average 2.0 seconds per 1 inch of travel).
  • A wide variety of speed characteristics to meet your application needs
  • If a standard damper does not meet your application requirements IGS can design the exact damper solution for your specific application.

Stainless Steel Gas Spring


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