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Bed Lift Mechanism

  • Gas Lift Bed Mechanism D062
Gas Lift Bed Mechanism D062

Gas Lift Bed Mechanism D062

  • Model : D062
  • Original Place: Hebei
  • Color:black/white
  • Supply Ability: 2000 Pcs/Day
  • Product description:
The Gas Lift Bed Mechanism/dynamic gas spring is to process a damping groove from the inner wall of the cylinder and change the stretching speed of the gas spring through the change of the section of the damping groove.

Model A B C D E
D062-1 3.0mm 4.0mm 2.5mm 2.0mm 320mm
D062-2 4.0mm 5.0mm 3.0mm 2.5mm 320mm
D062-3 5.5mm 5.5mm 4.0mm 3.0mm 320mm

Gas Lift Bed Mechanism


Material: Iron (Q235)

Color: White, Black, Silver, Grey (option)

Finish: Powder Coating

Length: 620 mm

Thickness: 2.0-3.0mm (angle iron)

Gas Spring Force: 20kg-80 kg

Application: storage bed,sofa bed

Option to open bed: Half ,Side, Overlap, Double Duty.

bed fitting

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