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Gas Springs Types

There are several types of gas springs. Some of them include compression gas springs, extension gas springs, tension gas springs, locking Gas Springs, Adjustable Gas Springs, reducible gas springs, tool and die gas springs, gas spring dampers,gas struts, and lift gas springs.

Compression gas springs offer dampening when force is exerted on the spring as the piston is pushed into the cylinder.

Extension gas springs push the rod all the way out or partially out in the chamber to provide isolation.

Tension gas springs hold tension and/or carry out pulling tasks. In contrast, regular gas springs perform pushing tasks. Tension gas springs are common components of furniture like cabinets.

Locking gas springs are those gas springs that can lock their rod in place after they have reached full extension. Locking gas springs are also known as lockable gas springs. They are useful for applications that require controlled movements and prolonged positioning (e.g. extended hospital bed).

Adjustable gas springs can stop at any point during movement. Regular gas springs can only stop at full extension. Adjustable gas springs, which are typically locking, provide a greater degree of control for their users. Most often, manufacturers install them on hospital furniture, like beds, emergency gurneys, and seats.

Reducible gas springs are adjustable in a different way; during operation, users can remove some of the gas they use in order to alter their force.

Tool and die gas springs do not use any damping agents. At the same time, they produce higher forces using shorter stroke lengths than conventional gas springs.

Gas spring dampers are not really gas springs, but people so often use the term “dampers” in reference to gas springs that we have to mention them. Dampers are basically gas springs that control motion without any gas exertion. Their main application is supporting moving loads and controlling their motion.

Gas struts usually offer push forces.

Lift gas springs are those gas springs used specifically for lifting applications.

locking gas springs


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