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Technological Innovation

Why Choose Gas Springs


Gas springs offer many advantages. First, when properly maintained, they tend to last longer and perform better than traditional springs. Their superior performance is due to their many positive traits. They are, for example, easy to control and adjust. In addition, they are extremely durable and reliable, and they can exert higher levels of force than traditional springs. Another advantage of gas springs is the fact that they are compact. This means that they can work in a wide variety of places. Next, gas springs are mountable, contributing once again to their versatility. Finally, they require little to no upkeep.


To help your gas springs work to the best of their abilities, you may purchase any number of accessories. Some of the most common gas spring accessories include nylon socket end fittings, stainless steel socket end fittings, O-ring seals, mounts/mounting brackets, ball receivers, and connectors of various kinds.

Proper Care

To make sure that your gas springs last as long as possible, you need to treat them well. What entails treating them well?

Well, first, you need to use them only within their designed limits. This means that you should not exceed their load capacities; you should not put them in temperatures they are not meant to endure; you should not put them in overly corrosive environments, etc. Putting them in settings for which they are not involved will wear them out quickly, and quite possibly cause a malfunction that will break them completely. It’s also not safe.

Second, to keep your gas springs working well, you need to check on them from time to time. They actually do not require regular maintenance, but you want to be aware if something has gone wrong, which is why you should check on them.

If the time does come for you to replace your gas spring, first depressurize them, then drain them. After that, if you can, recycle them.


The standards to which your gas springs must adhere depend on your industry, application, and location. For example, gas springs used in defense applications must be military grade. Likewise, if you plan to use your gas springs in American food service, they and the material with which they are made must be FDA compliant. To find out which standards you should make sure your gas springs meet, talk to your industry leaders.

Things to Consider

To help guide you, we have put together a list of several high-quality gas spring manufacturers that we trust. You can find these gas spring suppliers by scrolling towards the middle of this page. There, you will find their contact info, webpage links, and profiles.

Before you check out these manufacturers, we recommend that you dedicate some time to putting together a specifications list. List all of the details of your application, including things like your budget, your timeline, your delivery preferences, and your post-delivery support preferences (parts replacement, warranties), etc. Once you have put this list together, you can use it to help you determine which of the suppliers we have recommended are most likely to work for you. Based on your specifications, pick three or four potential choices. Then, reach out to each of them to go over your application. When you speak with each of them, use your specifications list as a conversation guide and make sure to go over every point. After you have spoken with each potential manufacturer, compare and contrast the services each company offers. Also compare and contrast their prices. Weigh your options and, finally, pick the right company for you.

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